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Supporting Future High Technology

TEL. 042-523-2871

3F Techno Building, 2-16-6 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI) Solutions (Software Engine)

◆ Deep Learning by Big Data of images: Defect detection, face recognition, gesture recognition are now applicable
◆ Deep Learning of expert work: Enables ease of use on advanced semiconductor manufacturing tools.

   ・ Recognizing hand & finger motion, touchless operation made possible on complicated machine operation.
   ・ Maintenance & parts replacement notification will be made available based on pre-input parts life, performance data, temperature, measured values etc.
   ・ Face recognition enables identification of individuals, gate incoming control, detection of suspicious person.

 Other AI solutions are also available to support your business.

Please make use of it.

Development and Specialty

In HTL, we develop software as per Software Requirement Specification(SRS) of the customer. As we have software development centers in India, it is possible to develop a reasonable price high-quality software. We have bridge engineers with good English communication skills and there is no worry of language. Please contact us if you are having problems with your software development.


Examples of Specialties

○ Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: GUI, Performance Improvement, Refactoring, Scientific Computing and Software Localization
○ For communication between devices: SECS / GEM communication
○ EDA: Memory Compiler 
○ Medical equipment: GUI and data format conversion
○ Image Processing: 3D Graphics software and Image Recognition

Programming Languages and Supported OS

Development Patterns

We support various forms of Software Development as per request of the customer. Some typical examples are shown below.

@Offshore Development:We do software developments at Bengaluru(Bangalore) and Kolkata development centers in India. In this case, our experienced bridge engineers support in the preparation of Software Requirement Specifications and also the language support. So, nothing to worry about language.

AOnsite Development:Good experienced Indian Engineers come to Japan for software development at onsite. As we can do software development along with Japanese Engineers, nothing to worry about language.      

Development Example 1.Web Application

We have developed a Web Application Server based on the MVC architecture. The system integration using RFID and Felica is also possible in this web application.      

Development Example 2.Semiconductor Equipment Control Software

We developed software to control the wafer carrier of semiconductor equipments, temperature as well as vacuum montitoring etc. Software development is performed from user I/F to actual device control.      


HTL Co. Japan Ltd.

3F Techno Building, 2-16-6 Akebonocho
Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0012

TEL 042-523-2871