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Supporting Future High Technology

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3F Techno Building, 2-16-6 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo



We will continue to focus on advanced future technology for our customers in core semiconductor business and LCD related equipments. Also, we will support the software development and equipment sales and service business. Based on our expertise we have developed, we will continue to provide solutions to our customers in the development of new businesses such as 3D printers and three-dimensional electron beam metal additive manufacturing equipment.

President's message

We will continue to provide solutions to customers in software and hardware as an integrated professional

  Achintya Acharya
Thank you very much for supporting our company HTL since 1994.
Ever since our establishment, we have been honored by Customers and Products by giving us the opportunity to grow our Company in the high Technology field in the most advanced areas, and we always appreciate to take up all new challenges and make success globally.

Our vision is that we will be the company to contribute to the production industry, particularly semiconductor & FPD industry as an origin of HTL business, and 3D Additive Manufacturing Applications as the most growing business, and to lead our Customers to their future success, by proposing and providing the most advanced equipment & products , best technical support & best system integration software, in our field of business and expertise.

We have a unique core competence by combining Equipment sales and Services, Software development including system integration and Materials business for providing value added solutions to our customers.

As a new business field, we concentrate on chemical materials business based on resist technology for Semiconductors & FPD and surface treatment/coating technology.

Our global Software and System Integration business has constant growth in which we deliver solutions for embedded control, image processing, machine GUI, WEB applications, and IOT related systems. We have development centers in Japan & India and now planning for USA.

We will support our customers by expanding our business globally.

Product Category

HTL Sales Business Fields

Equipment / Products Suppliers

Additive Manufacturing equipment
Metal 3D Printers
Plastic / Bio-Material 3D Printers
Laser Deposition Technology (LDT)

ARCAM (Sweden)
EnvisionTEC (USA)


Mask Making equipment
( Writer, Inspection, Repair, Measurement)

V-Technology (Japan)
3 Strategic Material Deposition equipment
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

Arradiance (USA)
Solmates (Netherlands )
4 Scanning Acoustic Microscope PVA_TePla  ( Germany )
5 Specialized Equipment
Small Satellite Electronics Equipment
Security & Monitoring equipment

AAC Microtec (Sweden)
Scienta SAUNA Systems (Sweden)
6 Chemical Materials
Resist materials for Semiconductors
Surface treatment & coting materials

Micro Resist Technology (Germany)
Aculon (USA)


HTL Co. Japan Ltd.

3F Techno Building, 2-16-6 Akebonocho
Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0012

TEL 042-523-2871